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The town of Ballina has the BIG Prawn, and that is for a good reason! Our local King prawn is famous for its delicious taste with firm crisp sweet flavour.

The Ballina Fishermen’s Co-op is owned by the towns local fishermen who bring their catch in to be sold in their shop. The variety on offer can vary, as different species of seafood come and go in different seasons.

A normal day in the shop would see a selection of fresh fish fillets ranging from Flathead, Swordfish, Whiting, Salmon, Barramundi and many others along with fresh oysters, octopus, Squid tubes, cuttlefish, Cooked Mud Crab, Spanner Crab, King Prawns and Balmain Bugs.

We also offer cooked seafood using only Australian fish & New Zealand Hoki. We make our own Prawn Cutlets and have all your takeaway favourites with a choice of 6 different Burgers and a huge hot food range from Potato Scallops to Pineapple Fritters!